If i purchase a dvd player that is compatible to play divx files,will it also play xvid and avi files?

Answer Most good DVD players do play avi files, just look for a folder that says "Plays Windows Media" on the box!

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Can xvid play on a dvd player?

Yes. There are several DVD players that can support XviD or DivX playback. Some include Philips BDP3000, Samsung DVD-C460, Panasonic CQ-DX100 and Pioneer DV-290. Check your DVD player for its compa... Read More »

What is xvid video format and do i need a special dvd player to play these?

xvid is a video codec which use mpeg-4 algorithm to encode video data, and most case use .avi as file extension name. You need a special Xvid Certified DVD player to play xvid video format, and if ... Read More »

Can you play Divx using a Toshiba HD-A3 DVD player?

The Toshiba HD-A3 HD DVD player does not play Divx files. Divx is an encoding format for movie files on a computer. The HD-A3 has no mechanism to decoding Divx so that it can play properly.Refere... Read More »

Can you play blue ray on regular divx player?

No there are many that have have information on individual Blu Ray disc releases like for North America. The Blu-Ray Disc Association continues to promote and develop the business opport... Read More »