If i move to Arizona will my tuition at my UC (univer, Cal) go up?

Answer Ariana, this is not so easy to answer. My sister is a law student at UCLA, started last Fall semester. Our family is multi-generational Arizonans, and I called up home in northern Arizona, and my f... Read More »

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If you are 15 and your boyfriend is 18 and you got pregnant can you move out of your parents house and move in with him in the state of Arizona?

Answer No, not unless you parents and his parents allow you to...

How can I get in-state tuition for Arizona?

live in az for a year...or just lie and say you have lived there

How much is tuition at Grand Canyon University, Arizona?

As of 2009, the cost of undergraduate tuition at Grand Canyon University in Arizona is: $687.50 per credit if you are taking one to 11 credits, $8,250 if you are taking a block of 12 to 18 credits,... Read More »

Can a mother take her children and move away from her husband in Arizona?

Answer If both parents have full custody of the child(ren) and there is not a court order preventing the parent from removing the child(ren) from the home or state then the parent may legally take ... Read More »