If i install Zorin-os can i uninstall at anytime and have windows 7 again?

Answer If you install Zorin it will replace your windows 7, and you won't get it back. You need to create a partition on your hard drive and install it on that part of the hard drive.

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If i uninstall windows, install a motherboard then reinstall windows will it erase everything on my pc?

You don't NEED to uninstall Windows for a new motherboard. I haven't reinstalled in years, even though I've upgraded everything imaginable. You CAN follow this guide: Read More »

How to Install & Uninstall Freespire on Windows XP?

Freespire is a Linux-based operating system that allows users complete control over the drivers, codecs and applications that they want on their computer. The Freespire operating system is a comple... Read More »

How do I install& uninstall programs in Windows XP?

Download and InstallAccess the desired Web page, click on the Download link, click "Save" on the "File Download - Security Warning" dialog box, choose a location in your PC for the program to be in... Read More »

Do I Have to Uninstall Windows XP to Install Windows 7?

In order to upgrade to Windows 7 on a computer running on Microsoft's Windows XP operating system, you do not have to uninstall XP first. Instead, you'll have to select the "Custom" option early on... Read More »