If i hit my tv hard enough will i get hd?

Answer Yes, be sure to use your head. You'll break your skull, and then you won't care about whether your TV is HD or not. Or you'll break the TV, in which case you can buy a new HDTV.

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If I shake my computer hard enough will Reese Cups fall out of it?

yes. you might get the pot of gold instead.

If I shout "Gary Busey" loud enough and enough times will I get drunk?

Is a 160GB computer hard drive enough?

160 GB hard drive will be enough storage space. However, that in itself doesn't guarantee that the computer will last that long. There is also the possibility that at some point and time you may su... Read More »

Can you punch yourself hard enough to cause appendicitis?

You're right, it's not possible. Appendicitis is caused by an infection not an injury by punching. It might cause other serious damage but not appendicitis.