Does the iphone 4 have unlimited text?

Answer if you service provider gave that to you then yes

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Does it cost if ESPN sends you txt messagesif you have unlimited text with att?

no but if you get pctures with yours than it costs like 1 cent

Do myxertones cost money if you don't have unlimited text?

Myxertones, according to the company, does not charge to send ringtones to your phone. They suggest checking to see if your carrier charges to receive them. "Unfortunately, we don’t have any cont... Read More »

URGENT: Can I text anywhere within Canada if I have unlimited texting with Rogers?

Yukon Territory is part of Canada so it should be free but I suggest you read your plan carefully. I have not seen any unlimited plans that rogers offers lately.

Does anyone have Sky Unlimited Calls?

My son changed over from BT to Sky Unlimited calls + Broadband with no problems whatsoever and were not without their land line at all. However, you will have to give TalkTalk notice (time amount ... Read More »