If i have alot of split ends will my hair fall out when i comb it?

Answer Yes! If you do not get those ends clipped, your split ends will break off, causing more splits in the hair... its a vicious cycle. Just get 1/2 an inch trimmed of your hair to get rid of the split ... Read More »

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Why do you get split ends in your hair?

Hair, technically speaking, is dead matter. We can only cosmetically maintain and enhance it. Therefore, anything that stresses or dries the strands can cause the stands to split at the end. Any pr... Read More »

How do you get rid of frizzy hair and split ends?

here's a couple articles.Hair frizz is a problem faced generally by all the women. By experimenting hair with different styles, gels, moistures, hair sprays etc. one weakens and damages her hair. T... Read More »

Hair Care for Split Ends?

Split ends are a common problem that can happen to people of all ages and different hair types. Each hair has a protective cuticle. When this cuticle is lost, the end of the hair splits into differ... Read More »

Hair Treatment for Split Ends?

Split ends are something that most woman will have to deal with at one time or another. The hair becomes dry and damaged at the ends, causing the hairs to split and fray. Most people think the only... Read More »