If i have acid rexlux what changes am i going to have to make in my life?

Answer Stop sodas. Especially diet sodas. Use no artificial sweeteners. Eat earlier in the evening, never right before bed. Especially pizza. Take a Prilosec or generic equiv. once per day and you should ... Read More »

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How to Make the Necessary Changes to Have the Life You Want?

From my point of view, this is so out of whack that I had to write a take on it. I don't think for a moment that people enjoy searching for tools on how to reward oneself for being a patient and ho... Read More »

How have life changes affected childhood and their lifestyle?

Changes in the nature of childhood Until recently childhood was much shorter for most people in Western countries. Till about 1950, compulsory schooling ended at age 14, and the majority of teenage... Read More »

Can I insert a pair of new USB ports in my PC. What additional changes do I have to make in the H'ware.?

You should be able to buy a USB2.0 addin card fairly easily. - windows should recognize it at startup and add it.

I have 2 frozen lasagnas. If I cook 1 at 375 for 55 minutes, what changes do I make for 2 at the same time?

None. They should still cook and finish at the same time