If i have a headache and i have no medicine with me what can i do?

Answer Here are a few things you can do:-1. A lot of headaches are caused by dehydration - so drink plenty of fluids. It is recommended that an adult should drink about 2 litres of (non-alcoholic) fluid a... Read More »

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I have a massive headache and neck pain, is there any medicine you recommend for it?

Aleve, it sounds like you might have swelling from stress and Aleve is for helping with swelling and pain. Hope you feel better. Just make sure you are not allergic to naproxin:)

I have horrible headache. i dont have any painkiller. what shoul i do?

If you have any drink containing electrolytes (children's rehydration drink, sports drink, etc) try that. I've heard that a couple of glasses of sports drinks (Gatorade, etc, if you're American) w... Read More »

I had a migraine headache last sunday, here it is a week later and I still have a headache ?

If you have been taking alot of pain relievers throughout the week then it may be a rebound headache. Sometimes when I have a headache that lasts that long, I go to the chiropractor for an adjustme... Read More »

Have you ever woke up with a pounding headache, and just cant remember what is what?

yes i have, its called kids and a man lmao, but it will get better, does the light hurt or the room spend around, if so you have 3 grad headache and might want to try a warm shower, to see if it he... Read More »