If i have 2 computers,how can i use both of them as 1 screen?

Answer Use Synergy

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What do you do if your brother ask you to choose between him and your boyfriend and you love them both equally and cant live without them while both are nice and love you dearly?

Smack your brother in the face for asking such a stupid question

Can you have two sound cards on the same computer&have them both working?

Modern computer operating systems are capable of simultaneously using multiple sound cards. It's advisable to use newer PCI sound cards as older ISA sound cards are less likely to be compatible wit... Read More »

I have both my nipples pierced, do men like this or freak them out?

It really just depends on the guy! If you like them, then that's what matters! You can't worry about whether a guy likes them. If you're thinking of someone in particular, it can be fun to see his... Read More »

What if you have two wic folders with different card numbers can you still use both of them?

It is illegal to participate in more than one WIC program at a time. You will be removed from the program when your fraud is brought to light.Quit ripping off the taxpayers and abide by the rules.