If i go bankrupt what happens to my retirement?

Answer Bankruptcy law is complicated, but generally speaking, if you declare bankruptcy, your retirements savings in qualified plans will be protected. However, the law differs depending on the type of pl... Read More »

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What happens if you own stock in a bankrupt company?

If you own stock in a bankrupt company, you are likely to lose your entire investment. After the company files for bankruptcy, shares will continue to trade, but eventually trading ends and the sto... Read More »

What happens when an llc goes bankrupt?

When a limited liability company (LLC) goes bankrupt, the business is declaring it is financially insolvent. The LLC could enter restructuring in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy or an immediate liquidation... Read More »

What happens when you're bankrupt?

Filing for bankruptcy protection allows individuals to discharge or restructure most debts and companies to liquidate or reorganize their finances. Chapter 7 bankruptcy cancels most debts while Cha... Read More »

What happens if the company I own stock in goes bankrupt?

A corporate bankruptcy of a publicly traded company can occur in one of two ways--either in Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings. The consequences to common stockholders can differ, depending... Read More »