If i give my friend my apple id will she be able to use it on her itunes?

Answer You are going to trust someone you have never met, that lives in another country, with your account?This is going to turn out well. Yes, they will be able to use it.For your safety, log into your a... Read More »

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When Will iTunes Let Me Reset My Apple ID Security Questions?

go to ur profile click on edit, but the Secret to pass word, as u go to 1 web site 1 blog ur going to get mixed fix r going to get lost, I though i was smart & could remember them easy, boy was I w... Read More »

Will "iTunes" give computer a virus?

Hey!iTunes is owned by Apple, so it will not give a virus. When you download songs from iTunes, the songs aren't saved on iTunes. They are just a playlist. The songs are saved on your computer. Wha... Read More »

Living on 13,000.00 a year, my doctor will not longer be able to give me free samples?

I hope You get well soon.. I'm doing my best to help every1 to cure their illness including you.. with my Islam Prayers.. You don`t have to vote me for the best answer.. im doing this for free.. I ... Read More »

Will apple give me a replacement phone iphone 5?

Stolen - no.Lost - no.Companies don't give you replacements for something you have done.