If i give my friend my apple id will she be able to use it on her itunes?

Answer You are going to trust someone you have never met, that lives in another country, with your account?This is going to turn out well. Yes, they will be able to use it.For your safety, log into your a... Read More »

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Does apple give discounts to apple products during the holidays?

Are itunes only for apple?

Apple's iTunes is available for both Mac and PC computers. The program is installed on all new Apple computers and PC customers download the program for free on the Apple website.Source:Apple; What... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Apple iTunes?

Many issues with iTunes are quickly resolved by using the five R's; reset, retry, restart, reinstall and restore. If your problems remain unresponsive or persistent, Apple offers a wide variety of... Read More »

When did Apple introduce iTunes?

The iTunes application was first offered by Apple at their Macworld conference in San Francisco in 2001. Offered as a free download, it quickly overtook the competition due to its ease of use and p... Read More »