If i get a brand-spankin new computer will the internet work on it?

Answer It will work. You just need to hook all the components up. I'm assuming your signed up for internet service.

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I have an HP computer, will a printer of another brand work with it?

Yes. A computer will only be incompatible with another piece of equipment if they have conflicting operating systems...which in most cases boils down to Mac's Leopard system and PC's Windows system... Read More »

How to get Internet to work on computer?

If you want to use wifi to connect to the internet you must be near a hotspot.Most coffeeshops offer a free hotspot for their customers, for instance.Otherwise you need a router with wifi at home t... Read More »

Do computer viruses need the internet to work?

Viruses do not internet to work, but the need a way into your computer (that may be internet or a disc or external drive).Some kinds of malware also need a way to send information (like key loggers... Read More »

Internet doesn't work on this new computer?

I can not answer your question with the severe limited amount of information you gave. Have you tried:1) restarting the computer2)turning on and off your wireless card3)if you use an ethernet cabl... Read More »