If i get a brand-spankin new computer will the internet work on it?

Answer It will work. You just need to hook all the components up. I'm assuming your signed up for internet service.

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I have an HP computer, will a printer of another brand work with it?

Yes. A computer will only be incompatible with another piece of equipment if they have conflicting operating systems...which in most cases boils down to Mac's Leopard system and PC's Windows system... Read More »

Will my Verizon wireless Internet card work on a Mac computer?

Some of the Verizon wireless mobile Internet devices work on Macs. The USB760, UMW190 and PC770 all work on computers running Mac OS 10.4 or later. The AD3700 does not work on Macs.References:Veriz... Read More »

Will any brand computer monitor fit any brand computer tower?

We bought a HP computer it came without a printer...will any brand be compatible with the computer?

Printer compatibility with computers has nothing to do with the brand. If Your HP computer is running Windows XP or Vista, and the printer you purchase claims it is compatible with either of these ... Read More »