If i eat dandelion will i sick?

Answer Dandelions are highly nutritious, and could probably be considered a "superfood" if not universally despised (at least in the U.S.) as lawn dominating weeds. This plant has been known and used for... Read More »

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If I force myself to be sick, will it only be once or will I keep vomiting?

I am bulimic, and after about two years of constantly making myself sick, I lost control. I cannot eat in front of people, and any foods that are not vegetables or rice will make me immediately si... Read More »

Will I get sick from her?

Will the flu shot make me sick?

On One Hand: There Are Flu Shot Side EffectsThere are certain flu vaccination side effects that can occur. Some people develop a low grade fever, aches, and /or redness, soreness and swelling at th... Read More »

Will I be fired for calling in sick?

well it depends on your current attendence on how many other days you have been absent but as a business owner i would say no. their is nothing that you can do about being sick. the best advise tha... Read More »