If i drink 1 litre of vodka a week am i an alcoholic?

Answer Christ I hope not.................Eeeeek

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I'm a female 33 years and happily drink a a litre of vodka a week What is wrong With that?

If you drink it with a mixer such as coke, it satys in your body longer allowing more alcohol to be absorbed, is the bottle in one night lol x Where can i see the kareoke videos lol x

What is the best alcoholic beverage you can make with just vodka and another drink?

It depends on the Vodka. If you are using a cheaper vodka, citrus juices like Orange juice, pineapple juice and cranberry juice sweeten the vodka and kills the sour aftertaste. If you use a more ... Read More »

I Drink 1-5 Beers Twice A Week & My Wife Says Im An Alcoholic Who's Right?

You are not an alcoholic. Enjoy it man that is what beer is for.Man don't let her change you! Keep drinking!

Which is your most favorite alcoholic and non alcoholic drink ?

alcoholic-caribou lounon alcoholic-iced coffee from starbucks