If i drank alcohol thursday and have an etg test monday would i pass?

Answer You will pass the etg test.

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I smoked at least 200 dollars worth of crack on monday and have to take a test on thursday will i be ok?

Cocain takes at least three days to exit your system but using high amounts might take longer also it depends on the type of test. For a ua give it at least four to five days. In the mean time I su... Read More »

If i drank 5 drinks thrusday night before 10:30pm will i pass a acohlic blood test by saturday8:30am?

If they are drawing blood you should be fine. A urine EtG test is good for 3-5 days after consumption, and could detect it.

How to pass ETG alcohol test in 5hrs?

You have screwed yourself. Wait, did you drink alcohol in the past few days? If so you are screwed. You took the alcohol now take your medicine.

How can i pass alcohol breath test?

The simple answer is not to drink.But.... If you space your two drinks out and eat something too then you are more likely to pass a breath test as you will not be over the limit. Urban myths won't ... Read More »