If i drank 20 units of alcohol in 3 hours what state would i be in?

Answer Alabama and about ready to marry your cousin

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I took advil and then drank alcohol , very little alcohol though... is it safe?

you should be fine:)just do not take depressants and alcohol together.

When was the first time you drank alcohol?

I'm 24 and i never drank alcohol, strange?

Thats very very good!Alchohol is poison to ones body and causes numerous health problems and leads to death for many many people....some people start drinking to meet people and to feel more outgoi... Read More »

Have you ever drank alcohol before turning 21?

Yes. I was about 9 or 10 years old and I was at grandma's house during a fourth of july party. Everybody was out in the front of the house, socializing and my cousin thought it would be funny to se... Read More »