If i drank 20 units of alcohol in 3 hours what state would i be in?

Answer Alabama and about ready to marry your cousin

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If I drank vodka without juice would the alcohol hit me faster?

The thing about the orange juice is that it masks some of the vodka taste so you don't really notice until it's too late, but with the vodka straight up you realize quicker. However diluting it cou... Read More »

If i drank alcohol thursday and have an etg test monday would i pass?

I drank water every 8 minutes for about 12 hours would my pee test have came out clean?

No, your pee test depends on the time your body takes to process and eliminate various chemical products... drinking helps in general cleaning, but can't hasten the process.Plus drinking that much ... Read More »

I took advil and then drank alcohol , very little alcohol though... is it safe?

you should be fine:)just do not take depressants and alcohol together.