If i didnt eat breakfest would that help louse weight?

Answer Skipping meals is a terrible way to lose weight. Your body goes into starvation mode and begins to hold onto fats to survive. If you want to lose weight eat a lot of small healthy meals throughout ... Read More »

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How much weight would i loose if i didnt eat for 2-3 whole days?

How much weight will i loose if i didnt eat and just drank water for 2 weeks?

Don't drink coffee. There's sugar in it that will not help you lose weight. Regardless, you DON'T need to do that. I don't know how stones convert into pounds, but anyway, you're losing 40% of your... Read More »

A daycare lady didnt let a little girl have her desert cause she didnt finish her food and then ....?

Are you here mother or another daycare helper?As a daycare helper, go to the director and explain the ladies treatment of the little girl. Another mother, tell the little girls mother. No child sho... Read More »

What should eat for breakfest?

Mix them all together. :)Good on you for not stuffing yourself with carbs and animal products in the AM-what a horrible way to start the day!