If i delete programs on my computer that i dont need, will this give me more RAM?

Answer RAM is random access memory. it is used for applications that are currently open by loading it into the RAM. RAM is much faster than the hard drive, but the problem with having your entire computer... Read More »

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Does anyone know any free programs that give-you free anti virus for your computer, programs and Internet? is the home page for avast. I followed the site and you can download the software at this site… Read More »

How to Delete the Registration of Programs That Are No Longer on Your Computer?

Depending on the developer or type of software, the registration information for your software applications can be stored in different locations. Primarily, this information is generally stored in ... Read More »

Thinking to buy this camera dos it need that the person that will use it need to focus the lens them self?

A friend told me that if I use my computer while I have a cold I can give my computer a virus. Is this true?

Ignore most of these answers, my boy. Your friend is perfectly correct but if your computer is fit, healthy and reasonably young it can easily throw off a little cold. Flu, however,is different an... Read More »