If i delete pictures from my computer and empty recycle bin can these pictures be retrieved some how?

Answer Files emptied from the recycle bin can be retrieved. They are intact except the file name is renamed with a ? in the front. With use, you computer may need that hard drive space and will write ov... Read More »

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I restored the pictures but still theres no pictures!!please help it says "this folder is empty!"?

Free software called Recuva works well.'t add any new files to that computer otherwise you might over write the files you want back.

Can Deleted Pictures Taken on a Cell Phone Be Retrieved?

Many of us have deleted photos from our phones at one point or another, and then thought about how nice it would be to somehow retrieve them. Although you may have deleted your photos from your cel... Read More »

How do I delete duplicate pictures& songs from my computer?

Deleting Duplicate PicturesAccess the pictures folder on your computer. You can usually do this by clicking the "Start" or Windows icon system menu button on the taskbar. The Pictures folder will b... Read More »

Why can't I delete pictures from my picture section of my Vista computer?

Sounds like a Folder & File permission problem.In such case, your file permissions may have been corrupted due to:1) Yanking the power cord to the pc while it was writing to disk.2) Some malicious ... Read More »