If i delete my facebook will my posts and comments disapear too ?

Answer Yes they will but that would be taking out about 80% of your social life!:D

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Can Facebook Friends see my comments and if I like other posts on Facebook?

the only way to prevent it is to add people to your restricted list

If I deactivate my facebook account, will it delete the comments I made on other friends updates, pics, etc.?

When u deactivate ur profile (timeline) and all of the info associated with it disappears from facebook immediately .However , this info is saved just in case you want to come back BUT when u parm... Read More »

On Facebook, how do you disable people from making comments on my photos and posts.?

there is no way to prevent people on the friends list from making comments if they can see the picture - what you want to do is not possible

Can you block certain friends on facebook from seeing your comments, wall posts etc?

You can add people as your friends and limit what they can see. It takes a bit of work, but it's because of this feature that I prefer Facebook to MySpace. It also gives the viewer the impression... Read More »