If i delete lymewire(or frostwire) will i lose all of my downloaded files?

Answer No, but I defy you to uninstall it without it swarm installing itself back in your pc..

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Will System Restore delete my files?

The Windows System Restore tool does not affect user files such as photos, documents and other personal data files. Restoring to an earlier time reverses any harmful changes that may have occurred ... Read More »

Will the Toshiba recovery disk delete all of my files?

The Toshiba recovery disk allows the user to create restore points and backup discs; to recover a specific drive to factory settings, leaving other files intact; or to restore the entire computer t... Read More »

Will this really permently delete my files?

First of all I just want to say that it's generally a pretty bad idea to sell a hard drive on eBay or wherever. Horrible idea for most people actually. OK: The link you provided is referencing ciph... Read More »

If i upgrade to windows vista will i lose files from the last os?

No, though it would not be a bad idea to back it up just in case.I must, however, ask: Why are you installing Vista? Why not a better, free operating system, such as Ubuntu?