If i deactivate my facebook..can i reactivate it later?

Answer Yes you can. And yes, all your friends and photos will still be in your profile. :)

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When you deactivate your facebook & reactivate it can people see your comments/likes on their stuff from befor?

Yes It's the same account so all the stuff will be there. I would recommend changing you privacy setting if you don't want things seen.

How do you reactivate your old iPhone 3gs if you upgrade from the iPhone 3gs to the iPhone 4 and then lose or get it stolen how would you reactivate your old iPhone so you can use it again?

Yes, the IPhone 4 is now available. It became available in February.

How to reactivate your fb account?

Facebook Is Probably Acting Up Try Again later if the Problem Still Persists Please Contact Facebook at the Help Center and Report the Problem to them

Should i reactivate facebook?

Don't feel guilty.If its about the guilt that is making you feel its bad then that guilt should be to the BF who didnt allow you with your rights.Using facebok wont make you bad the way you use it ... Read More »