If i copy a dvd on my computer will the rental guys find out?

Answer No but you need a software to remove the copy protection like DVD fab or Any-DVD

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Printer driver - how can I find on my damaged computer and copy to new?

If it's part of a W 7 update then the one on your old computer willNOT work.You need to downlaod the updates on your new laptop so theybe installed properly.I have an old Canon i250 and the driver ... Read More »

How to Remove a Copy of Removable Disk Virus in a Computer with Ava Find?

You jack your pen drive, install it only to find its contents duplicated alongside your saved files in the pen drive. The duplicate file titled copy of removable disk, and it becomes impossible to ... Read More »

I'm having trouble finding copy,cut and paste on my computer. Can anyone tell me where I can find it ?

Copy, (CTRL + C) Cut (CTRL + X)Paste (CTRL + V)Or Right Click and select the one you want

If I transfer my hard drive to a new computer will I need to get a new copy of Windows?

No, your copy of Windows 7 is tied down to the hard drive.DISREGARD ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^MAJOR EDIT: My bad, I didn't read your question properly. Yes, you will have to get a new copy of w... Read More »