Why do i keep getting a recording saying please try your call again later?

Answer It's Saturday. Either not open or understaffed

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Is you iphone 4 have call recording?

Nope, go for iPhone :) more apps just no BBM! Want a Bold 9700-9780 no 9900 :)

Is it true that if you touch *66 after an annoying phone call the person calling can never call you again?

no!! not true!*66 Busy Call Return.......... that what *66 is used for....

Pending as my delievery message for texts and automatic call ended when trying to text/ call this one person..?

It sounds like they have blocked your number. Use somebody else's phone to contact them or try calling on withheld, put #31# before you dial their number

What do you call a keyboard or keystroke recording software?

Software that records the keystrokes typed on a computer is known as keylogging software. This type of software is often malicious and is used to steal personal information such as passwords, credi... Read More »