If i become a vegtarian and try meat again will i be sick?

Answer If you ate too much in one meal it could make you feel queasy but otherwise you will be fine.Dune

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Will a vegitarian get sick if they eat meat?

It is unlikely that you would "become ill." If you accidentally consume a bit of meat, you probably would not get sick. If you ate an entire steak, there is a strong possibility that you would su... Read More »

Will cloned meat become the norm?

Yes, because the farmers will of course interbreed livestock with clones.The day it becomes the norm is the day I stop eating meat.

Will the practice of eating meat ever become illegal?

People have been eating meat since caveman days, it won't become illegal. It's mostly how they treat the animals that they have an objection to. I don't like to make friends with my dinner but I ... Read More »

How can I get my girlfriend to eat meat again?

Help her research vegetarian protein and health. If she refuses to eat meat, she can still be healthy with a little work. She just isn't eating right.