If i become a vegtarian and try meat again will i be sick?

Answer If you ate too much in one meal it could make you feel queasy but otherwise you will be fine.Dune

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Will a vegitarian get sick if they eat meat?

It is unlikely that you would "become ill." If you accidentally consume a bit of meat, you probably would not get sick. If you ate an entire steak, there is a strong possibility that you would su... Read More »

I accidentally ate meat and now I feel really sick?

You took a 'tiny bite', and now you're sick and nauseous? I'm sorry, but I think it's all in your head and you're playing the drama queen role a bit too much. Get over it; meat didn't kill you befo... Read More »

Even my doctor says, You can get sick withou eating meat?

I can understand your confusion... there are people on both "sides" who claim the "truth". In 2008, I turned vegetarian and transitioned to veganism in 2009 (cows in the dairy industry and egg lay... Read More »

Feel sick to the stomach after consuming meat. Why is this?

It is natural. Stop eating meat and you will feel better. Your conscience is most likely feeling so guilty it is causing your body to react to that overwhelming feeling of guilt, which makes you ... Read More »