If homeopathy does not work, then how come it was successful in treating cholera?

Answer Rhianna has got it spot on as usual, but there's an even simpler explanation, cholera is caused by a bacterium Vibrio Cholerae, there is no evidence anywhere that any homoeopathic remedies can kill... Read More »

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Does homeopathy work?

Homeopathy does not work. Homeopathy is based on the idea that you can take a substance, dilute it so much that none of the original compound remains in the mixture. The water supposedly has a "mem... Read More »

How does homeopathy work?

It's important to understand that homeopathy is unrelated to kinesiology, or any other alternative or conventional healing modality. While some practitioners who advertise homeopathy combine other ... Read More »

What is homeopathy, how does it work?

Water, sympathetic magic and it doesn't work. Homoeopathy has no plausible mechanism to work, it's never been demonstrated to work in high quality trials and there is no reason why it should work. ... Read More »