If google cost 1p per 10 searches would you still use it?

Answer Excellent question...If this money goes to something useful, yes...

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I would like to get my link to be at the top of google searches. How would I do this?

It's all about quality inbound links.Google has a lot of criteria, including the age of a site, meta tags, all that. But the biggest one is inbound links - they have to use a keyword as anchor text... Read More »

How much would it cost for me to buy Google?

100x what Bill Gates have...either that or your soulall you have to do is make sure the owner is not a devil and sign the contract

How google searches.................?

Google searches......?

If you want to eliminate certain Sites like bebo, myspace, etc. you can use this form: . The - means "not, or the opposite of the following expression". The "inurl:" is a google ... Read More »