If god made plants then why is dope wrong?

Answer I think that if the dope is really helping you that much, then you should go ahead and use it. Forcing you to do otherwise is inhumane and wrong. It depends however, on many considerations. First o... Read More »

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What is wrong with my watermelon plants?

Its difficult to grow melons of any type in the Northern Half of the USA. They grow best in southern climates. They hate the cold and cold nights can shock them. The growing season is just too shor... Read More »

What is wrong with my tomato plants?

Actually, the second picture looks to me like water spots. That is, whatever you use to water them, leaves little spots after the drops that stay on the leaves dry. If you have hard water, try to... Read More »

How to Throw Down a Dope DJ Set in a Club?

The title says it all. 10 simple steps to make your sets better than the other DJs in the club. This article is mainly intended for those playing what's popular but some things may apply to the und... Read More »

What is the best dope detox cleaner?

Abstinence. Other than that time is the only thing that will get the thc out of your system, the only thing and here is why.Marijuana has a half-life in your system. How long it takes to leave you... Read More »