If girls get boobs & periods and have to get pregnant what happens to guys ?

Answer Both boys & girls go through puberty. While girls develop breasts & start their periods, boys testicles drop, they start having wet dreams, their voice breaks & have growth spurts etc.. Although it... Read More »

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Why is it that all guys like girls that have big boobs i mean i am a 40 d?

Since you are posting your question under the Computer & Internet>Programming & Design category, let me try to answer your question from a computer programming point of view. I would guess that th... Read More »

Why do guys always look at girls boobs?

Because they're guys. If it bugs you, just say, "Hey! My eyes are up here!"

When guys have precum can girls get pregnant?

Yes.......absolutely. "Precum" can contain sperm. You can even get pregnant from him cumming near your vagina, but not actually inside (sperm swim pretty fast).

Girls-Why can't guys look at your boobs?

just because a girl wears a low shirt doesn't mean necessarily that she wants guys to look at her boobs. a decent guy would just glance quick and look away. Some girls just wanna look up to date wi... Read More »