If facebook was started by a black man would it still be a major success?

Answer Yeah i don't think the race of the person starting a site would really affect how the site does. No one really knows who it is that starts sites anyways

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If google was founded by black men would it still be the major success it is today please no politically?

One of the good things about the internet is that it is a great leveller. You could be black, white, purple, green, hell you could even be sky blue pink with violet polka dots and it wouldn't reall... Read More »

Would a retired US air force major still be addressed as Major?

My friend started her period when she was ten. But i still havent started mine.?

Do you have any older women relatives you can talk to about it? Or maybe a female teacher or guidance counselor? I will tell you that everyone starts at different times. I know girls who did not st... Read More »

If I blocked someone on Facebook would they still get my last message?

Blocking them makes it impossible for them to send you a message but I think they can still read yours unless they Block you, too