If eyes were measured in pixels, How many Mb Resolution would they be?

Answer Awesome question!The eye is not a single frame snapshot camera. It is more like a video stream. The eye moves rapidly in small angular amounts and continually updates the image in one's brain to "p... Read More »

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How is resolution measured in a digital camera?

once you take an obscene picture of your genitals. the clarity determines the resolution.

Is 921K pixels video resolution good?

"Mmmj" recently said it best:;…720 horizontal line count. It is considered "high definition".

What is A4 paper size in pixels screen resolution is 1280x800. ?

A4 is 210 x 297mm. An image is expressed in pixels x pixels.The two are totally different things.You can put an image of 210 x 297 pixels on an A4, but you can also put an image of 21000 x 29700 pi... Read More »

How many mega-pixels are your eyes?

The human eye is an analog receiver, not digital. Megapixels do not apply. actually that's not true. As digital cameras have ccd's with a number of photosites (which determine the "megapixel" coun... Read More »