If every thing happens for a reason why did i break my arm?

Answer so you can meet a hot nurse

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What is the best way to get rid of a cold i have tried every thing that every 1 has told me but nothing works?

Get lots of rest, and drink lots of orange juice.

What happens in the the final break episode in prison break?

Michael and sara get married sara gets put into prison for killing Christina scofield she gets beat up by the women guards for leaving the door open for Michael gretchen is in the prison and sav... Read More »

What happens in the final break of prison break?

Micheal sacrafie himself for sara and Micheal dies

Why is my laptop beeping every 2 minutes (roughly) for no apparent reason?

I couldn't tell you, but maybe you know why my disc thingy keeps opening every 20 seconds on my desk top.