If every thing happens for a reason why did i break my arm?

Answer so you can meet a hot nurse

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When your kid(s), get older, what is the one thing/things he/she could do to break your heart?

To break my heart?Give up and settle.Not finish their education.I.V. and other hard drug using.Sex Industry.A Stepford Wife.An Abused Wife.Have a child before they are ready to.My girls are 16 (nex... Read More »

Someone please help me!!Body sore for no reason now bruises are popping up for no reason?

Im no doctor, and when I say im no doctor, im actually no where near a doctor. But this sounds kinda like a relative of mine's symptoms a while ago. She was sent to hospital and was diagnosed with ... Read More »

I want to break a bone, for the experience but i don't know which to break or how to break it, any ideas?

How was it revealed that six days after the break in president Nixon ordered the cia to stop the FBI investigation into the break in?