If every person was a vegan, what would the world be like?

Answer if animals on farms were released, there would be a massive animal population dynamic that might lead to the extinction of one or more animals. Needless to say, this would wreak havoc on the eco-sy... Read More »

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How to Travel the World As a Vegan or Vegetarian?

Are you a vegetarian or vegan who feels uneasy about travel because you fear you will not find anything to eat ?Are there certain countries you fear visiting because they are carnivore-loving peop... Read More »

If the entire world was put on a vegan diet?

Although I wouldn't personally want to be put into a vegan diet... if the entire global population changed to eating veggies only, I think we'd all be healthier on balance, assuming that a variety ... Read More »

Why do vegans feel the need to tell everyone in the world that they come in contact with that they are vegan?

Some want to brag.Some want to "educate" you (see Renoosprey & Louise answers).Some want to pick a fight (see Jen D answer).Some simply want attention.Some want all of the above.Most do this becaus... Read More »

The best vegan zucchini bread recipe in the world?

If the zukes are really big don't use the seeds. Slice it lengthwise and scoop the seed out with a spoon and then grate it. Leave the skin on for more nutrients.Vegan Zucchini Bread RecipeINGREDIEN... Read More »