If duty cycle of a laser printer is Up to 10,000 pages monthly, what does it mean?

Answer So what is a maximum duty cycle, anyhow?.................................…Obviously, the maximum monthly cycle is not a number that really affects how many pages you should expect to print a mont... Read More »

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What does "monthly duty cycle of 10,000 pages" mean?

It's the maximum recommended limit of the equipments print capabilities. The optimal use would be 65% of that or 6,500 pages printed per month. You will be lucky if you get 10,000 pages printed f... Read More »

What does monthly duty cycle mean on an HP printer?

An HP printer's monthly duty cycle is how many pages the printer can print each month. Always purchase a printer that has a duty cycle larger than your expected usage. A higher duty cycle number ma... Read More »

Which Printer is more economic to run, Inkjet or Laser Printer. My requirement is about 150 pages p.m.?

If you are going to print 150 pages every month, then you should go with a Laser printer. Not a very heavy duty one, but one of the more economic laser printer versions. Inkjet, will be extremely c... Read More »

How many pages can a laser printer print?

The fastest laser printers available can print about 200 black-and-white pages, or 100 color pages, per minute. However, the more affordable models designed for personal or small-business use typic... Read More »