If cracked or badly bruised your tail long does it take to "heal" itself?

Answer If you have actually cracked your tailbone, then it will take about one day for every year of your age to mend (e.g. if you are 21, it will take three weeks). Of course it depends how bad the crac... Read More »

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How long do cracked ribs take to heal?

A long time. You should be able to feel a marked improvement in as little as 3-5 weeks, but it's not unheard of for severely cracked ribs to still be painful as much as 6 months down the line or mo... Read More »

Why does my arm look bruised badly ?

If you had an injection it might have gone through your bone. Don't risk it and go to the doctors as soon as you can.

What should I do about my badly bruised toenail?

Well I'm not sure what to tell you. you probably need just wait it out to prevent further damage.If a bruised toenail is painless, no treatment may be necessary. As the bruised skin underneath the ... Read More »

Do you think my rib is cracked or just bruised?

You always apply ice to any trauma for the first 36-48 hours. This is to decrease pain and swelling (heat will increase swelling due to increasing the blood flow and hence pain); after the initial... Read More »