If computers have a motherboard then where would a fatherboard go?

Answer Under the thumb-nail J-Peg.

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Would i get pregnant if we have sex then withdrawal after 8 days of my menstruation?

If you mean he pulled out. Then it is always possible because some seamen can still be left behind. As for being off your period it doesn't matter when you have sex you can still get pregnant, ev... Read More »

Are you using your laptop in bed If not then where are you and have you had brekky yet?

no not in bed sat in dining room the kids are eating their brekkie not had mine yet!!

I have 6 computers and 1 broad band connected in a Lan network. How to share internet with all computers .?

You need at least a 6 port router, preferable a wireless one.

What was the game show that came on after supermarket sweep It was based in a fake mall where they would answer questions and then get to go pick out items in the stores?