â€œIf computers are so smart, how come they can’t tell you where you left your keys?

Answer because if they could they would take your car!

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How come after you get unblocked you cant see anything they post?

She must have customized her facebook share. Whenever you post something (as your status), Facebook gives option to whom is the post visible. You can customize the "visibility". It can be like "who... Read More »

Do all computers come with a graphics card how do i tell if i have one or not?

Is it a desktop or a laptop? if it's a desktop.... there are slots for cards at the bottom of the tower on the back, if your monitor is plugged in there, then you have a graphics card. if it's a l... Read More »

Dipping and going to the dentist how long till they cant tell?

Most likely the dentist won't see any effects after this short a period of use. I'm assuming you meant 1-2 dips a day, and it is the discretion of the dentist whether he shares what he finds with y... Read More »

Can I return a faulty tv to argos that has 4 days left on its 12 month garantee, they cant repair it 6 days?

If the t.v is still under guarantee, it doesn't matter how much of the guarantee is left, they have to do something. Are you also saying that they cant fix it in 6 days (therefore out of guarantee)... Read More »