If cola, and sprite is soft drink what is a hard drink?

Answer Booze

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Which soft drink will evaporate faster Coke, Sprite, Pepsi or 7UP Why(It's okay if you can't answer why)?

No need to guess. Just take an exactly equal amount of each one and put them in a room with a small space heater in it turned on high and see which one evaporates faster. Be sure none of them are i... Read More »

Cola soft drink: can you taste the difference?

Yes, I can tell the difference, except in rare circumstances.Pepsi has a less sweet taste than Coke, and Coke leaves a distinct aftertaste. I find the fizziness of the two to be different, as well... Read More »

POLL; What is your favourite soft drink Cola or Pepsi ?

The Big Question: Which soft drink do you like betterPepsi or Coca-Cola?

Definitely pepsi! Pepsi has a bit less carbination, but it is sweeter. It doesn't need as much.