If camera was not invented..........?

Answer The biggest abuse of the camera is those worthless paparazzi. If they were any good the Stars would be going to them to have their publicity shots taken not stalking them to take photos of their ... Read More »

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How was the camera invented?

Modern photography is attributed to William Henry 'Fox' Talbot, who took the first positive / negative photograph in 1840. Although not the first to produce photograhs, his positive/negative proces... Read More »

Who invented the national camera?

According to the Notable Names Database, Edwin H. Land invented the Polaroid camera in 1937, while George Eastman invented the Kodak camera in 1888. William K.L. Dickson invented the motion pictur... Read More »

Who invented the handheld camera?

The original handheld camera was invented in 1888 by an American inventor and philosopher named George Eastman, who made the first camera for Kodak, which was created precisely for roll film.Source... Read More »

Who invented the view camera? states the first view camera was designed by George Hare in 1882. This was the first camera to accommodate negative materials like celluloid film and allow for changes in formats like h... Read More »