If both of your parents are overweight how likely is the child to be overweight?

Answer It is very likely that the child will be overweight if it has overweight parents. Obviously eating habits of overweight people are passed on to their children along with genes and the lack of motiv... Read More »

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How many parents on here can hand on heart say their kids are not overweight!?

As an "overweight" Mom of 2, I can honestly say that my children are not overweight, in fact I wish they weighed a little more than they do. My four year old is 39 pounds, doctors say he is right w... Read More »

How to Tell if Your Child Is Overweight?

It isn't always easy to tell whether your children are overweight. Over time, body changes can seem like a normal part of growing up. Yet, with a growing epidemic of overweight children, it is impo... Read More »

Is 133.2 overweight for a child?

is that a joke question, of course they are overweight. Depending on their age they could be severely overweight, say an 8 year old child or just overweight, like a 12 year old who is semi tall for... Read More »

What should you do if you are are kind of overweight but your parents are telling you you're not fat but you wear size 12 jeans in juniors?

AnswerAs a child that grew up worried about being fat I have to say that you have to not worry about it so much.You should focus on eating healthy and getting some exercise but don't worry to much.... Read More »