If blue, red, and yellow are primary colors, why do color TVs use red blue and green?

Answer Red, blue, and yellow are primary colors for pigment.Red, green, and yellow are primary colors for light. The two are not the same.

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Why Are Red, Green & Blue Called the Additive Primary Colors?

Additive color theory is used in electronics, art and graphic design to create a full range of colors by combining basic colors. The most common additive color system is RGB, or red-green-blue.

Why are red, green&blue called the additive primary colors?

Televisions, computer monitors and other visual devices need to use additive colors to display all of the other colors in the world. Because red, blue and green provide that service, they are seen ... Read More »

What do the colors red orange yellow green blue and purple make?

One could say these colors make a rainbow, though this would not be entirely correct. Rainbow colors cover a continuous spectrum. When rainbow colors are names separately, they are usually listed a... Read More »

What color was the red,orange,yellow,green,blue, and purple rainbow?

all color is black,absence of color is white,so, I'd say black is the answer to your "question" if that's what you mean.