If baby hits head while sittingcries for sometime?

Answer If you are asking what to do then you should pick him/her up and calm him/her down with a soothing tune and soft blanket and a nice kiss on the head. works every time, just don't do it too fast. Ni... Read More »

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Should I Let a Baby Sleep If He Hits His Head?

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Why my p.c alarm beeps sometime while converting a file?

Your CPU may be overheating when it's working hard. Download a program called Everest Home Edition and check the CPU temperature under the Sensor section. If it's too hot, you may have a problem wi... Read More »

I am 26 years old. I have little pain in my molar and sometime i find blood while brushing . Please help?

Bleeding from gums ?? Then you have a condition called periodontitis . You have to do professional cleaning or scaling ..

Please advise i'm a mother of 50days old baby, my milk is sometime not sufficient for him,?

The emptier your breasts are the FASTER your body makes milk. And nursing frequently is perfectly normal and prevents most of the common western problems with breastfeeding (plugged ducts, mastiti... Read More »