If baby hits head while sittingcries for sometime?

Answer If you are asking what to do then you should pick him/her up and calm him/her down with a soothing tune and soft blanket and a nice kiss on the head. works every time, just don't do it too fast. Ni... Read More »

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Should I Let a Baby Sleep If He Hits His Head?

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How come when Curly Howard hits his head sometimes he becomes more intelligent?

Eh!?You got me there LOL(((BEAR HUGS T)))

If a teacher hits you on the head with their hand is it legal?

Im not sure, but you can sue her/him and she/he can get fired. Its child abuse so she/he can get in big trouble!

Can you feel the baby's head when having sex if the baby's head is down?

No and if your cervix is dilated enough for the baby to even be seen- sex wouldn't be on your mind. People have babies because the want to i cant stop that.