If another person came on YouTube and did things like PewDiePie and Tobuscus, would they be popular?

Answer Yes it could work. The issue is originality. If your friend has something new and really good to bring to the table that the others don't cover or have, then people will watch. Part of this might b... Read More »

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Why do you think PewDiePie is so popular?

1.He is a consistent uploader 2.He knows how to entertain 7 million people without messing up3.He keeps people up to date with fridays with pewdiepie4.He interacts with fans, usually meeting them i... Read More »

Is it right for Pewdiepie to insult me on youtube?

No he had absolutely shouldn't have done that, I'm sorry that he did that to you

What is this YouTube video I thought it was by Pewdiepie?

It's any video of the Amnesia: The Dark Decent mod called "Dark room"Pewdie has in fact done a play of it way back last september

Tobuscus Zip Hoodie?

Hello fellow Tobuscus fan! :D The fabric is pretty thick, but It's not uncomfortably thick or anything. A little warmer/heavier than an average light jacket.