If all the children and the parents are US citizens and can one of the parent move overseas with the children?

Answer To obtain a passport or visa for a minor the attending parent must provide proof of sole custody by means of a court order or a notarized affidavit from the absent parent allowing the child to leav... Read More »

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Can a parent move their children to another state without the other parent's consent?

Depends upon the custody arrangements set forth in the Final Divorce Decree. If both parents were awarded Joint Legal Custody, then yes, the other parent must be notified AND agree to the move befo... Read More »

Can one parent move to another state with the children before custody has been established?

Yes but the other parent can file an emergency restraining order or injunction to stop the move while they establish their parental rights in court.

What is it called the government takes parents children away for being a bad parent?

If you have joint legal custody do you need the other parent's permission to move children from one daycare center to another?

AnswerYes. Joint legal custody means that both parents have the right to make decisions in regards to their child's educational, medical,and religious needs. The parents are to agree mutually in re... Read More »