If all food tasted the same would everyone eat less?

Answer its not a hypothetical question, its a very real situation.i believe taste and smell make up 90% of what we eat. i was diagnosed with cancer and took 8 months chemo and radiation, my throat swell... Read More »

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Which ethnic food is the best you've ever tasted?

I love Indian, Thai, Jamaican, Mexican, Chinese, and Japanese food. Best on the planet.

What is the most exotic food u have ever tasted?

Crocodrile steak with passionfruit sauce, Kanagaroo Steak in marsala sauce, roasted buffalo au jus (like prime rib), bison burger with blue cheese, sea turtle on a country that was legal. Although ... Read More »

What is the most yuck weired odd food u ever tasted?

Was there a Food that you had low expectations for or was afraid to try but once u finally tasted it you ->?

Figs. I was horrified the first time I saw a fig when I was a child. To me, the inside looked like some nasty fleshy stomache lining so I thought it would taste horrible. But now it is my favorite ... Read More »