If a woman is due June 27 2007 around what time did she get pregnant?

Answer Answer It all depends really. Is she overdue, could the baby be premature? Every woman is different when it comes to pregnancy. But if everything is just about right on schedule then she could have... Read More »

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What is the average time a woman is pregnant?

40 weeks 9 months typically, because most months have more than 4 weeks

Can a pregnant woman be around someone getting chemotherapy?

Someone undertaking Chemotherapy is not likely to have any physical consequences to those around them. You can consult a doctor if you have concerns.

If you have strep throat can you be around a pregnant woman?

Only if you are very cautious. Pregnant women are more susceptible to infections due to changes in their immune systems during pregnancy. It would be best if you wait until your health care profess... Read More »

Is it safe for a pregnant woman to be around a radiation treatment patient?

On One Hand: External Beam Radiation TherapyPatients who receive radiation treatments via an external beam do not become radioactive. Their treatments are given in rooms that are specifically desig... Read More »