If a woman is breast feeding in public is it ok to look?

Answer judging your picture, you are a man. you shouldn't be asking thisquestion.

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Breast feeding in public...?

I Could not careless as rude as that sounds. But I believe it is best to not breast feed your baby for a few reasons.THEY FIND OUT WHEN THEY ARE OLDER lol. Plus their is a big battle waging about ... Read More »

What do people have against breast feeding in public?

I never gave a rat's @ss what people thought. It's NOT my problem that people have some sort of stick up their butt about it, and it's not my job to make people be okay with it. Morons will be Moro... Read More »

Breast feeding in public- why is it gross?

Because our culture has reclassified the purpose of breasts from feeding babies to men's toys.And I can't stand the argument that some people make comparing breastfeeding to peeing because they're ... Read More »

What is the big deal about women breast feeding in public?

The thought of you breastfeeding is such the turn on B'eer I don't think the ladies could take seeing YOU BFing in public! Please don't torture us with the sight of your Manly Moob! Just too Arousi... Read More »