If a woman have a baby in prison what do they do with the baby?

Answer Put it in the special hospital area of the prison for baby's doing time.

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What do you do if your boyfriend wants to have a baby with you and now that he's talked about it you want to have the baby too but you want your parents to be supportive but you know they won't be?

Answer This is a decision you have to make for yourself. Remember, you're the woman and you're gonna have to be extremely responsible. Your parents should be left out of the equation here. Tell ... Read More »

Why Is It That Woman Think They Are The Only Ones Who Want To Have A Baby?

I hear ya brotha'. Adoption is out of the question too. I tried to adopt a 16 year old Swedish girl, and they called the cops on me. I don't understand the stigma placed on single men.

Can you have a baby with a woman if you are a woman?

A pregnant woman is taking flu medication prescribed by her doctor The baby is born severly deformed Does she and the baby have a claim?

Deformities are caused in the first few weeks of pregnancy almost before the woman even knows she is pregnant. There are so many things that can cause deformity and flu medication is not among them... Read More »