If a vadgetable smells like tuna should you get rid of it?

Answer No, keep it around, but don't eat it. Use it to clean and cook, but don't eat it.Kids, if you run into a Moxie in this section, be sure to block her. She's a reporter.

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Even though I never eat tuna, my computer chair smells very heavily of tuna fish!?

Use a flame thrower to clean your computer chair thoroughly.

Help! My keyboard smells like tuna!?

Go buy a keyboard spray/ air duster at an office supply store. Use compressed air to clean between the keys. Spray at an angle to dislodge dust, grime and TUNA. Turn your keyboard upsidedown and s... Read More »

How do you prepare canned tuna to make tuna fish sandwiches?

You can make them as fancy or as plain as you want.Drain water out of can and scoop tuna into med sized bowl.Add 2 tbs of mayo and mix.To dress it up some add 3/4 cup diced and skinned apples, 1/2 ... Read More »

Which brand of vadgetable juice tastes the best?

I had Sanctimonious Pee Soup at Wiccagirl's place last week. I'd be liying if I said her command of contractions is what persuaded me to accept her invitation. I was hoping to get in the skinny wit... Read More »