If a tree falls and harms a person can they sue you?

Answer Simply being the owner of the tree does not make you liable. Generally, No one is liable for acts of nature. So if the tree falls due to a natural occurrence you are not liable. If however you wer... Read More »

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If a tree branch falls from your neighbor's tree into your yard, should he have to pick it up?

Legally, in most states if it is in your yard, then it's your problem.

How to you tell a person they tatto they got doesnt mean what they think it does?

I would just straight up tell them. Probably your best bet

If a Tree falls on a fence.?

i had the same problem i just shoved it back in his yard after 2 months he has not cut if up yet ...f...k him he a wimp anyway..

What government is responsible if a tree falls?

None, Trees fall all the time, It's a natural occurrence. Nobody is liable for an act of nature.